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JB Tech, Inc Home Theater offers several levels of flat screen television installation. We can wall mount, ceiling hang, over the fireplace mount or hang a plasma TV as well as offer full home theater surround sound audio systems with a television installation. JB Tech believes that every flat screen TV system is a custom install project designed to meet both the viewing needs of an individual and room. The highest quality package offering the best viewing experience can be set up for your personal situation.

Residential or Commercial Services for Television Hang/Mount:

  • HDTV, Smart, plasma LCD or LED flat screen television installed
  • Integration of all audio and video equipment wiring
  • Wall mounted option of in wall or on wall installation
  • Ceiling mount, hang installation option
  • Over fireplace mounted or on fireplace mantel TV hang
  • Wire concealment
  • Universal remote programming
  • Surround sound and speaker hanging services may also be provided if needed
  • We can install indoor or outdoor viewing systems

Flat Panel Mounting Bracket Styles:

Mounting brackets will be designed around the size and weight of your personal television. We use the highest quality equipment to ensure a safe and secure system. We can provide a customer with a TV mounting bracket and work with a client's preferred brand. If you already have a mount, JB Tech Home Theater Systems will gladly use yours, however we will wish to ensure it is quality, stable hardware for the safety of you and your family.

  • Arm Wall Mounted
  • Ceiling Mounts
  • Tilt Mount for Wall or Ceiling
  • Over Fireplace Mantel Mount
  • Full Motion Bracket
  • Swivel Mount
  • Flat Panel TV Stand
  • Cantilever Bracket

Basic Standard Wall Mount:

We can work with small sizes for a kitchen to large game room flat panels, however below is a general prices overview for a standard size TV mounting services 37"-55". Above fireplace and fireplace mantel project prices will vary according to the material behind the wall as well as what material the fireplace wall is constructed of. Homes, room shape and construction can be different so we must see a project before offering a final price. Final pricing cannot be given over the phone. Our initial in home consultation for an accurate price estimate is free and low pressure. We can help design and install the perfect viewing room to suit your space, priced to meet your budget. Please phone us at 404-932-2501 to set up a home visit.

Additional Services Available

Universal Remote Control Programming

Along with hanging your new television, JB Tech Home Theater professional service team can help you optimize and program your remote control system. We can integrate any electronic equipment into learning, non learning universal remote controls for a TV and A/V receiver or sound system.

Universal Remote Programming Can Include:

  • Blue Ray or standard DVD player
  • DVR recorder - TiVo, Cable or Satellite
  • Internet streaming video - Netflix, Hulu, Slingbox, Redbox, Aereo, Amazon and more
  • Streaming media players - Apple TV, NeoTV, Boxee, Sony SMP, Google TV, Roku and more
  • Cable boxes - Comcast, Windstream, AT&T U-verse, Charter and others
  • Satellite tv providers - Dish Network, Direct TV
  • Xbox, PS Playstation, Wii, game stations
  • Media center and more

Audio Video A/V Systems Connecting

Video Equipment Connections:

The JB Tech, Inc professional installation service can assist with the connection your video equipment and electronics if needed. We take care of any cable hook up and wiring, ensuring that you and your family can simply turn on your screen and access your favorite shows and movies on demand.

  • Blue Ray and standard DVD players
  • DVR recorder
  • Internet TV, computer
  • Cable box
  • Satellite television provider
  • Xbox, Playstation PS, Wii gaming and similar systems

Audio Equipment Set Up:

Our professional staff of experienced technicians can help you to determine the best placement for your audio and speaker system. The room in your home will be a different shape than a display set up, so for optimum sound you will need to design your speaker system according to your individual room size and acoustic needs. We can help with surround sound speaker placement or create a custom speaker system according to your needs and budget, along with connect computer based music libraries, IPod/MP3 player docking station or streaming satellite and internet radio services you may have.

  • Surround sound speaker system placement
  • Speaker bar
  • In wall, ceiling, floor standing and wireless speaker systems
  • Satellite radio
  • Whole house, distributed audio
  • Computer based internet radio or personal music libraries
  • IPod and MP3 player docking station hook up
  • Connect wiring and cable as needed

Phone JB Tech Home Theater, Audio Visual Services at 404-932-2501 for a free on site, in home consultation.

Flat Panel TV, projection and monitor mount brands. These include arm, ceiling, cantilever brackets, full motion or swivel, tilt / flat mount:
Cheetah Mounts - Chief Manufacturing - Mustang AV - OmniMount - Peerless Industries - Premier Mounts - Sanus Systems - VideoSecu

A partial list of Flat Panel, plasma projection and monitor brands JB Tech Home Theater Systems works with:
AmTRAN Technology - AOC Display - Audiovox - AUO - Changhong - Chimei Innolux - Coby - Dynex - Hisense - Hitachi - Insignia Advanced - Konka - LG Display - Memorex - Mitsubishi - Panasonic - Philips - Pioneer - Samsung - Sansui - Sanyo - Sharp - Skyworth - Sony - SunBrite TV Outdoor - TCL Multimedia - Toshiba - Vizio Televisions