Surveillance Security Camera Installation Georgia

Security Camera Installation

Installing surveillance cameras for a home or business should not be an expensive ordeal which involves monthly payments and long contracts. Technology has changed so today the average homeowner can afford to set up a surveillance system inside and around their home for a cheaper price. High quality cameras may be installed with wide angle lenses featuring night vision. The presence of video surveillance cameras placed around a building can help prevent crime, including residential home invasion or business vandalism. They may also help to obtain evidence should a crime actually happen. Now you can afford full property protection both indoors and outdoors.

A professional JB Tech, Inc technician can install a surveillance system, run concealed cables from the DVR to the cameras, and make all video and electrical. We make certain that each individual camera is aimed, adjusted and focused correctly.

JB Tech, Inc offers a free initial consultation to sit down with you and determine your specific security needs. Wirh an on site visit to go over your property, we will help you to identify each physical area which should be included in surveillance. This will help decide what style and number of cameras you will require, what features are important, as well as how to best wire them to a recording device and the controls.

DVR and Remote Access

Typically a complete surveillance package for a home or business will be made up of a series of cameras connected to a DVR. The DVR device records images which may then be viewed on a computer monitor. In addition, many DVRs have the capability to be connected to a network which can send CCTV images to an external computer, Iphone, smart phone. Smart phone applications allow you not only to watch activity but also control they security system remotely. Even when you are not on location you can review footage and see what is going on at your residence or business. Through a phone application, tablet or portable device you can see what the camera views at any moment. Your network is secured with an individual IP and password. Check on your house while on vacation, out to dinner or view a business when you are away!

Camera Placement and Mounting

The cameras themselves may be wired or wireless, although each will require a power source to run. They may be discreet hidden units and placed in recessed settings, flush mounted to a wall, on a post or tree, or outside under building eaves. Stationary designs may be used to monitor a front door or window while pan styles are great for keeping an eye on parking lots and wide yard and lawn spaces, Placement is important as well in order to provide the most effective area coverage. A homeowner or business owner has many options with equipment selection and the technicians at JB Tech, Inc will sit down and discuss the best type for you.

Child Monitor

For parents, cameras and remote monitoring bring peace of mind and helps you to keep an eye on your children. You can check on them when you are out for the evening and have a babysitter watching over your kids, or when they are playing outdoors in the backyard. When it comes to children, safety is everything! Indoor cameras also make effective sleep baby monitoring devices in a nursery or a bedroom for small children and toddlers.

Business Applications

Camera Styles

Fixed: Fixed models are stationary and do not move. They are designed to record activity and areas within a camera's stationery view. These are good for which do not require a camera to pan and may be used in areas such as indoors in a baby nursery, at a partuclar window, entryway or door. For a business fixed cameras can be valuable to montir equipment, liquor serving and storage areas.

Motion Detection: Motion detector models function similar to motion detector lights. They allow you to leave a DVR recording device off until motion has been detected within a camera lens view. When motion is detected by the surveillance camera it will automatically start to record to the DVR. Motion detection is considered an efficient method to record activity without wasting data storage space on the DVR. You do not have to record hours of empty space in a yard or room.

Pan, Tilt, Zoom: PTZ Pan/Tilt/Zoom units permit a camera to tilt 180°, pan 360°, as well as zoom in on specific objects while records any movement the camera makes. Is style is best when you need a camera featuring almost limitless control capabilities. These versatile cameras offer a sweeping view of specific areas in your home or outside. Pan and tilt wireless cameras have the ability to be set up and controlled from a smartphone that is web enabled or a computer.