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Projection Screen Installation

TV projector screen can be an excellent choice for a customized home viewing room or whiteboard in a conference space when you would prefer a larger viewing area. This style system is perfect for viewing everything from DVDs and home movies, to business presentations and trade show showcases. For commercial or residential clients, our company can professionally install your over head projector. We can help you create the perfect home theater custom designed to accommodate your space. We can securely and mount your projector, concealing all power source and video cables, align and calibrate the picture and handle the installing of your screen. We have experience accommodating a wide variety of room shapes and configurations.

Screen Mounting Installation Services We Offer:

Fixed Frame - Fixed frame screens are tension style screens made for hanging in permanent locations. These work well for professional offices and settings in a boardroom or conference, and in residential home theaters set up as a movie or TV room. A fixed frame can be easily mounted to a wall like a painting or picture frame.

Electric Roll Out - Motorized tensioned or non-tensioned. For the top of the line, quality home movie room or business conference room. Electric models offer you convenience and are easier to open and close than manual units. Electronic models may come in wall mount, ceiling recessed, external ceiling hung or ascending floor designs. They bring a professional touch to a conference or board room setting or a touch of luxury when used in a home theater.

Manual Roll Out - A manual screen is opened simply by pulling it up ur down by hand. Manual screens are a popular choice since they are versatile and easy to use. Manual pull and release systems permit you to lower the screen to your preferred height and then lock it in place for viewing use. Manual wall or ceiling styles offer homeowners an easy and affordable solution for a home theater or viewing room, and businessmen a professional presentation solution for almost any situation or meeting. This style may be rolled inside a secure housing once you are finished using it.

Paint - Paint screens may be custom painted directly on a wall in a permanent location. They require a completely smooth surface for optimal viewing. A paint screen is considered a space saving idea in home theater settings or in a conference area and may be as large or as small as your equipment can handle.

Anamorphic widescreen

Projector Mounting Installation Services We Offer:

Wall or Ceiling - Mounted projectors are units which are fixed permanently installed and may be wall or ceiling mounted. These may be operated by manual or electric roll down viewing screen styles, as well as fixed frame designs.

In Ceiling Recessed - Another option is in ceiling or ceiling recessed projector screens. Ceiling recessed equipment is installed within the ceiling itself and securely attached to support beams. They are designed to fit flush with the ceiling surface. Once they have been installed, the screen casing and the projector screen is concealed until you want to watch a movie or need to give a presentation and it is opened.

Rear Screens - If your projector is rear projection capable and there is sufficient space behind a screen, a rear projection system which shines on the screen from the back is an choice. The projector equipment itself can typically be placed in a closet, adjoining room or crawl space, behind a translucent screen which is mounted in a cut out area of a wall between two rooms. With a rear-projection system, room lighting control may not need to be as accurate as called for with front projection styles.

Projection Screen Installation Includes:

  • Projector and projector screen install, pull down, fixed or motorized
  • Alignment and focus
  • Keystone correction to eliminate distortion
  • Home theater system integration and wiring
  • Full integration of all audio wiring, including speaker systems
  • Includes integration of existing video system or signal source
  • UnCable concealment
  • Universal remote programming

JB Tech, Inc. has experience installing projector systems in many commercial company and educational environments, churches, conference centers, classrooms, schools, lecture halls, bars, sports bars, night clubs and restaurants, retail stores and showrooms. We can also work with homeowners to design a system suited for a movie viewing room.

Additional Services Available

A/V Audio Video System Connecting, Wiring

Video Equipment Wiring Set Up Options:

  • Blue Ray and Standard DVD players
  • TiVo, DVR recording device
  • Internet based televison
  • Internet streaming movie service provider
  • Cable service provider box
  • Satellite TV
  • Xbox, Playstation PS, gaming and similar systems

Audio Equipment Connection Options:

  • Surround sound speaker system placement
  • In/on wall, ceiling hang or flush mount, floor standing and wireless speaker systems
  • Connection to internet, satellite radio, or personal computer music libraries
  • IPod and MP3 player docking station connection
  • Connect wiring and cable as needed

Universal Remote Programming Options:

  • Blue Ray or standard DVD players
  • Cable boxes
  • DVR, TiVo recorder
  • Streaming video
  • Internet TV
  • Internet streaming movie services
  • Satellite tv
  • Xbox, PS Playstation, gaming stations and more

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