Outdoor Audio Video Systems Georgia

Whole House Audio Systems Multi Room Speakers

Bring your media outside to a deck, patio, or by the swimming pool! Movies, TV and music! If you are looking for a backyard theater system to host a movie even, or need an outdoor TV for watching the game when you grill outdoors with friends or would like to have your sound system play outside, JB Tech Home Theater systems can help you find the best solution. We work with residential clients to design and install party deck media centers, commercial customers for restaurant patio speaker and television systems and everyone in between.

Outdoor TV

Mounting a television on a patio can be a great idea for anyone who loves to relax outside and watch a sporting event on a lazy summer afternoon. An outdoor TV can be mounted just like indoor equipment – on a wall or stand, with similar bracket options of stationary, tilt or swing arm. Outdoor TVs are perfect for a covered porch or area where you grill and entertain! JB Tech Home Theater can help you create a viewing area by installing a simple mounted television to full theater systems with surround sound speakers and a media cabinet.

Backyard Theater Movie Screens

If you want to host an outdoor movie event or give an impressive presentation outside, JB Tech home theater can help you set up the best viewing area. Turn yard at home, church, clubhouse or local conference center into a serious presentation venue. Most homes or commercial establishments will use portable projectors, speakers, media players and accessories built into a media cabinet. These provide easy access when you want to watch a movie and as storage. Screens can be portable or permanent depending upon your needs and venue.

Outdoor Speaker Installation Service

When you want to have a party or relax outside on the patio, JB Tech, Inc. offers professional outdoor sound system design services. These may be set up as independent systems or as part of an indoor outdoor, multi zone sound system. Outdoor audio systems are built to be durable and weatherproof and are most often mounted on a wall or under building eaves. Often want the ability to hear sound from different areas of a property. Separate volume controls may be included for each pair of speakers that will allow you to control the volume independently so you won't need to run indoors every time you wish to adjust the volume level. Systems may also be run as multi zone units so you can listen to a sport event or game on the deck and while playing music for guests at the swimming pool. JB Tech, Inc offers:

  • Outdoor speaker placement and installation
  • In ground, under eaves, wall mounted, recessed, and in wall speaker mounts
  • Wireless control units
  • Touch screen control
  • Multi zone control

JB Tech Home Theater has experience working with commercial establishments such as sports bars, restaurants, professional office buildings, retail establishments, clubhouse and church buildings.