Home Theater Custom Design, Installation Service Georgia

Custom Home Theater

JB Tech Home Theater Systems designs and installs custom home cinema, audio video rooms for residential and commercial buildings in Atlanta GA and points north areas. Our company provides a free, onsite price evaluation to help you design the perfect set up. Our experienced team of installers will discuss with you the best surround sound speaker placement designed to produce top quality audio in an individual room and which electronic equipment will provide you with a high end movie viewing experience, priced for your budget.

TV or Viewing Screen Installation Options

Most houses today feature a television viewing area with a surround sound system in a family room, entertainment room or gathering area. While this is not a true projector screen home cinema room, it is an effective, high quality way for family and friends to watch movies or enjoy programs on a day to day basis. A primary home theater room can be established and additional networked televisions can be added throughout the house, however the central home theater room is the most important. This is the area where the main controls, electronics system, media cabinet and connecting wiring should be set up. The first consideration in viewing room is the central placement of flat screen television with seating arranged to provide the best view. JB Tech Home Theater Systems installation services will securely hang a LED, Plasma, HDTV, LCD, Smart, 3D flat panel television or projector screen. Some of your choices are:

  • LED, plasma, HDTV, smart, 3D, LCD flat panel or monitor
  • Projector screen display
  • Full motion wall, ceiling, tilt, over fireplace mantel, TV stand, swing or cantilever mounting bracket
  • Hidden TV, concealed screen
  • Anamorphic widescreen
  • Indoor or outdoor installation

Surround Sound Speaker Systems

A high quality audio set up turns a simple TV into a cinema in your living room for the best viewing experience. When you work with JB Tech, Inc, speaker placement and installation is custom designed to your home or office. We strive to produce top quality, high performance sound which work within the acoustics of an individual room or seating area. Surround sound speakers include a primary, center dialog speaker located with the tv or screen, along with a given number of satellite special effect speakers placed throughout the room. This is to create a cinema effect where the sound comes from all directions. Speaker systems can be wireless or have hidden wiring, although with a wireless system understand that the speakers will still require a power source. Correct, custom placement and installation of the special effect speakers offer a viewer a real life perspective of actually being in a movie. Each home theater room, or outdoor home theater living space, should be designed according to its individual shape, size and acoustics. Our company will help homeowners and business professionals determine the best set up needed. Surround sound speaker systems can include:

  • 2.1 - two speakers, one subwoofer
  • 3.1 - three speakers, one subwoofer
  • 5.1 - five speakers, one subwoofer, 4 corner satellite. Most modern movie soundtracks are recorded for this system.
  • 7.1 - seven speakers, one subwoofer, 4 corner satellite surround, 2 side or above. More movie soundtracks are being recorded to handle a 7.1 system.
  • 5,2 - five speakers and two subwoofers - one in front of the viewer, one behind for extra bass
  • 7.2 - seven speakers and two subwoofers - one in front of the viewer, one in back of viewer for extra bass

Media Center, Media Cabinets, Media Closets

At the heart of a home theater system or whole house audio video A/V distribution center is the media cabinet. A centrally located media storage area needs to be set up to hold your electronic equipment for easy access, convenience and to keep electronic devices and wiring hidden out of sight. A media cabinet can hold dvds, dvd players, game box, satellite boxes, along with audio equipment such as amplifiers, computer based music libraries, and cds, virtually any piece of electronic equipment your individual needs and habits require. Storage cabinets are custom tailored to suit individual needs and may be a simple rack system, a full cabinet with doors, tucked in a small closet or you may want your electronic devices built into a wall with doors to keep media storage out of sight. JB Tech will make certain that all wires are neatly bound and tidy, hidden from view. Any set up can be custom designed to provide for future expansion. Technology is always changing and a homeowner may want to add additional equipment at a later date or plan on expanding to a whole house audio video A/V system. A centrally located entertainment center can include:

Video, Television and Movie Equipment Options

Movie and TV programming video electronic equipment and components which may be connected or wired into a media cabinet:

  • Cable box - AT&T U-verse, Charter Comcast, Windstream and more
  • Satellite tv providers - Direct TV, Dish Network
  • Blue Ray and standard DVD player
  • DVR recorder - cable, satellite, TiVo
  • Internet, computer based streaming video - Aereo, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Slingbox, Redbox, others
  • Streaming media players - Apple TV, Boxee, Google TV, NeoTV, Sony SMP, Roku and more
  • PS Playstation, Wii, Xbox, game stations
  • Media center and more

Audio Equipment & Component Options

Music, sound and electronic audio equipment which may be connected or wired into a media cabinet rack:

  • CD player
  • AM/FM radio
  • Amplifiers
  • MP3, Ipod docking stations
  • Surround sound amplifier receiver
  • Internet ready devices - Apple Tv, Sonos, V-Tech, Roku
  • Internet computer based music providers, streaming
  • PC or computer audio video A/V collections

Remote Control, Remote Access Programming Options

Avoid hassles and frustration of programming a learning or universal remote control device. The JB Tech team of professional installers can program your remote control with manufacturer codes and program macro features to incorporate a distributed audio video system into a single unit. These can be designed to work with an individual room, zone or whole house.

  • Equipment consolidation within a single room or zone
  • Remote controller checked to ensure compatibility with a current system
  • Remote controller tested to ensure correct function of each component, macro operation
  • A/V equipment and device control

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