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Some examples of what a home automation systems allow you to do:

Turn your whole house "off". No more late night making the rounds through the house to be certain that all of lights have been turned off the house had been secured for the night. From the comfort of your bedroom before you sleep, you can simply push a button, and house lights will turn off, a bathroom light could be set to dim, any TVs could be shut off, the thermostat could lower the temperature a few degrees to conserve heating energy as you sleep. Your home automation system will also make sure that the alarm is armed and let you know if any doors have been left open, including a garage door.

Enjoy the movie theater. With the same universal home automation controller, the family and friends can enjoy a complete movie theater experience in your home theater. The lights can be set to dim to a perfect movie watching level as other lights through the house have been turned off, the movie begins to play with full surround sound. A camera at the front door can alert you to any more guest who may arrive.

Create the perfect party atmosphere. When hosting a dinner party, creating the perfect environment is at your fingertips. The lights have been set to bright, the music is playing and your guests are having a good time. When the time comes to serve dinner. Lights can slowly dim in the kitchen while they brighten in in the dining room and the music changes to a soft easy jazz. Once dinner is over, you touch another button and the patio lights come up, music once again begins to play outside,and the gas fire pit turns on on while you and your guests retire to the backyard for dessert and conversation.

  • Home Controller
  • Wireless Switches and Dimmers
  • Wireless Outlet Switches and Dimmers
  • Speaker Point
  • Wireless Keypads
  • Touch Screens
  • Wireless Thermostat
  • Concealed Wiring
  • Security System, or Window and Door Contacts and Motion Sensors
  • Indoor or Outdoor Remote Control Access

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Smart Lighting - Home or Business Automated Lighting

Smart Lighting Home Automation, Remote Access Installation, Design

JB Tech, Inc. can help you to create custom, ambient lighting all through a house, indoors or outdoor. We can assist you to discover lighting solutions which will help to produce a beautifully lit home which answers your personal needs. Our lighting solutions range from remote control to smart lighting which can helps save electricity for both household and business applications and are priced so that there is a package for almost any budget.There are many ways to use smart lighting solutions to create a greener, more comfortable home. Small, day-to-day tasks become simple with Smart Lighting. In the morning you could wake to lights which come up gradually, include window shades which open to let in the sun while your favorite music grows gradually in volume.

Smart lighting can help save energy and create a a green home environment by keeping the kid's from turning on lights during the day or motion activated lights can shut on and off as persons enter and leave rooms. High-tech touch pads or switches can integrate into walls easily which have the ability to support additional commands. There is no need to add more remote controls to a household, the same remote used to turn on a television set could also control home lights. You can even control home or commercial lighting with a Web browser from a remote location.

Phone JB Tech Home Theater, Audio Visual Services at 404-932-2501 for a personalized, on site smart lighting home automation and remote access system design and installation consultation. We can help design and install the best automated lighting system to suit any room, priced to meet your budget.