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Whole House Audio Systems Multi Room Speakers

The JB Tech A/V Systems Designers will help you custom design an individual whole house audio system with multi room to room zones to meet all of your needs. We work with your dreams and tailor your project to your budget. Your personal selection of music may flow throughout every room of a house, including outdoors on a patio or deck, or your music may enjoyed in selected areas. If you prefer to have quiet background music in one area while listening to lively party music in a main living area, this can be arranged. A whole house audio system can be controlled through a primary central media cabinet location or wireless remote access from a device, tablet or smart phone.

There are a wide selection and styles of speakers on the market, and the JB Tech A/V Systems designers will help you to pick the best whole house audio system for your home or office. We can work with tilted arm brackets so you may adjust the direction of sound, recessed in ceiling or flush wall mounted units for a discreet look, floor standing equipment, custom cabinets and more. There is also the option to install multi zone with volume controls to adjust each pair of speakers which will give you the ability to adjust volume controls for each individual zone or space.

You will love how simple and easy it is to control your music selection with a touch screen or by pressing a button. The JB Tech A/V Systems work with you to give you exactly what you dream of, whether your project is small or large, complex or simple or complex, we can help you to have the whole house audio system you have been dreaming of.

Our custom audio technicians can:

  • Universal Remote Control
  • Install in wall, ceiling mount, shelf, invisible or in ceiling speakers
  • Multi Zone Control
  • Wireless Touch Pad Controllers
  • Access music from multiple sources. Internet based services, personal music collections, satellite radio, AM/FM Stereo
  • In Wall, Wall Mounted Touch Screens
  • Concealed Wiring
  • Commercial or Residential

Commercial Building Audio Systems

JB Tech A/V Systems have experienced working with commercial establishments such as sports bars, restaurant and patio dining, event venues, retail stores, church venues, professional office buildings, sports facilities and clubhouses. We can help you design and install an effective sound system throughout your establishment, indoor or outdoor. An audio system will include a central media closet for storage and control of electronic equipment along with easy access controls. Sound systems may be separated into be indoor or outdoor zones which will permit you to have simple play options and volume control for each area of your building space. A multi zone audio system and equipment is very effective for business such as a restaurant with an outdoor seating area or patio. You may have music at a lower volume inside the building while the outdoor space can be playing at a louder volume. Retail stores and professional offices and will enjoy the ability to play soft music for customers and clients yet still be able to make overhead announcements on a system.

Outdoor Speaker Installation Service

For those who love to relax outside or entertain outdoors, JB Tech A/V Systems provides outdoor audio sound system installation services. An outdoor speaker system may be run as independent unit or be included in a multi zone whole house audio system with indoor outdoor sound. With outdoor audio, control and control are important considerations. For most homeowners or commercial business such as a restaurant, you will most likely want the ability to hear sound from different locations on a property. Outdoor audio systems are designed to be weatherproof and durable. They are typically mounted under building eaves or on a wall.

For outdoor speaker systems, JB Tech A/V Systems recommends separate volume controls for each pair of speakers to give you control over the volume of each pair of speakers independently. You may also include volume control outside so you don't need to run indoors to adjust volume level. By installing separate volume controls you can easily listen to a sporting event while you grill on a deck and while music playsc for your guests by the pool. JB Tech A/V Systems offers:

  • Outdoor audio system placement and installation
  • Wireless control units
  • Outdoor speakers can include in ground, wall mounted, in ceiling, under eaves, in wall or hanging
  • Patio, deck, garage and pool side
  • Outdoor touch screen
  • Multi zone control

In home, on site consultations and price estimates are always free. Call JB Tech A/V Systems at 404-932-2501 to schedule an appointment.

Some speaker manufactures JB Tech A/V Systems works with. We will work with a client's preferred brand.
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